Friend Returns His Lost Pug, But When He Pets Her, She Seems Strange

by Emerald Pellot
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Luke Neville loves his dear pug Bella. The surfer from Culburra, Australia, was reasonably distraught when she went missing.

Neville took to Facebook to ask friends and family if they had seen her.

Then it happened. Luke returned home and found Bella there waiting for him. However, the precious pug didn’t look as a delighted as he expected. A friend said he found her when he answered a listing for a “found dog.”

When Neville began petting Bella, he could tell something was off. A feeling in his gut told him that although the dog looked like Bella, this was not his dog. It can be difficult to tell members of the same breed apart, but when it’s your dog, you tend to just know.

What followed for the next few days was a scramble to find his missing dog Bella and track down his new pug’s rightful owners.

Stay tuned below for the harrowing story of a tale of two puggies…

H/T: Buzzfeed

Luke Neville lost his beloved pug Bella. He put out a call on Facebook to see if anyone had spotted his furry friend.

Luke’s friend checked the classifieds and discovered a pug had been found. He dropped the pug off, but when Luke got home, something wasn’t right.

“My mate saw the sign and thought it was Bella,” Luke told Buzzfeed. “So they picked up the pug and dropped it in my house. I got home from a search. I thought it was Bella back home so I started patting her before realizing something was off.”

Luke was certain it was not his dog. So, he went back on Facebook to put out a notice to find his new pug’s owner, while still searching for Bella.

Luke, of course, took care of his new friend while poking fun at the little lady. He called his local council ranger who told him they had a match for Bella’s description at the pound.

Luke checked the classifieds again for missing pets and found a posting for what he thought was the pug he was mistakenly given. He contacted the owner, and he had a hit!

For one brief moment, after he retrieved Bella from the pound, Luke was the luckiest man alive, with two sweet pug ladies.

Alas, he returned his new pug friend to her rightful human. The tale of two puggies came to an end.

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