Hey Moms, It’s OK To Take Time For Yourself

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It’s hard for moms to carve out time for themselves during the average day. Even when there is a small pocket of time in which to sit back and relax, it’s hard to use that time for yourself without feeling slightly guilty that you aren’t getting through your endless to-do list.

Truth Bomb Mom Kristina Kuzmic knows what it’s like to feel guilty about taking some “me” time. As a mother of three, Kristina is always juggling dinner prep, laundry, and cleaning. However, that doesn’t stop her from taking a few minutes to unwind with a glass of wine and a bubble bath at the end of the day every now and again.

“Motherhood is a circus,” says Kristina. “It will exhaust you. It will drive you completely cuckoo if you do not find time for yourself.”

Before she got married to her current husband, Kristina was a single mother of two young kids, and it was even harder then to take a minute and breathe while juggling everything on her own.

“I think it’s even harder [to take time for yourself] when you’re a single mom, because you don’t have a partner that can take your kids,” says Kristina.

These memories of being a single mother were resurfaced after watching Home Again, a movie about a recently separated mom (played by Reese Witherspoon) who moves across the country and starts over as a single mom.

Whether you’re raising your kids alone or with a partner, Kristina notes that you should never feel bad about taking time for yourself. After all, if we didn’t take a minute to breathe, we’d go insane!

“Don’t ever feel guilty for taking time out for yourself,” says Kristina. “You are not a bad mom — you are a good mom.”

Check out Kristina’s motivational words for moms below, and be sure to go see Home Again when it hits theaters on September 8!

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