Strangers Save A 4-Year-Old’s Birthday Party After Everyone Cancels

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

Rachelle Briannan had everything planned out for her son Taenon’s fourth birthday party, and had invited 12 other kids to come join the festivities.

And then, the worst thing happened. One after another, the guests either canceled at the last minute or simply failed to show up at all without a word.

Rachelle was devastated for Taenon who, she says, was just old enough to understand parties and friends — and what it meant to be abandoned.

Terrified that his first real party experience would be ruined, and possibly cast a shadow over future parties, Rachelle put out a desperate plea on the Facebook group Midnight Mums, a loose organization of young mothers who swapped stories and support online.

But she shouldn’t have worried. Apparently, these Midnight Mums are more than just online pals: they’re a real sisterhood.

This wonderful organization responded in a way that not only astounded and touched Briannan, but gave Taenon a wonderful birthday party just in the nick of time, much in the way some police officers did for another little boy with a birthday wish.

Check out what happened on Taenon’s birthday below, and see what happens when people really come together!

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Although she’d planned out everything for her son’s fourth birthday party, Rachelle Briannan suddenly found everything falling apart at the last minute.

Guests were dropping out one by one, and she was devastated.

In a last-ditch effort, she posted this plea to Midnight Mums, a Facebook group for mothers of young children.

But as Rachelle was despairing and wondering what she would tell her son, Taenon, the Midnight Mums were planning.

Soon, a callout was placed for some 30 families to gather at a local McDonald’s in Melbourne.

When Rachelle and Taenon arrived, they found that the Midnight Mums had thrown their own last-minute party!

With plenty of friends, and even some donated balloons from a local party supply shop, it looked like Taenon’s party was going to be a great one!

And there were even more surprises in store for Taenon.

Three members of the Nillumbik branch of the State Emergency Services arrived to let the kids take a tour of their fire truck.

“It’s not something we do normally,” said the SES controller, “but we thought it’d be fun to have the kids check out the truck.”

And as for the Briannan family, they’re thrilled to have such a supportive and loving network looking out for them.

Taenon’s birthday party was certainly a memorable one, and here’s hoping to an even better party next year!


Now, Rachelle has taken to Facebook for a very different reason: to thank all the kind souls who helped make her son’s fourth birthday a very special one.

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