35-Pound Shelter Cat Can Barely Walk On His Own, Then New Family Vows To Help Him Lose Weight

by Jess Butler
Jess is a curly-haired Jersey girl who adores penguins and watches the worst reality shows on TV.

Humane animal shelters are great places to find a new friend and create an everlasting bond.

When the Humane Rescue Alliance welcomed a cat named Symba into their arms, they never expected such a huge surprise.

Symba’s owner was moving away, which made it impossible to keep his beloved cat. Symba’s owner decided to leave the sweet kitty in the Humane Rescue Alliance’s care.

When the shelter volunteers first laid eyes on Symba, they couldn’t believe how big he was. Upon weighing him, they realized he was a whopping 35 pounds!

The nearly 40 pound cat was warmly welcomed into the shelter, but volunteers decided he would need a very special kind of friend to adopt him.

And that’s exactly what they got!

In the video below, posted on June 19, 2017, Symba is learning to adjust to his new family. They want to help him shed some pounds and will be working toward the shelter’s goal weight of 18 to 20 pounds.

Right now, Symba can only take a few steps on his own before feeling exhausted. It won’t be easy, but once Symba is eating healthier, he’ll be able to work toward getting more exercise in.

Check out the video below find out more about Symba the adorable 35-pound cat, and please SHARE if you’re glad he found owners who are going to help him through his weight loss journey!

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