Sylvester Stallone Shares Pic Of The Turtles From The Original ‘Rocky’ Movie 43 Years Later

by Angela Andaloro

Sylvester Stallone has played many unforgettable characters. Now he’s sharing some behind-the-scenes knowledge from his most popular film franchise, Rocky. Sylvester has played Rocky Balboa in eight films in the span of 43 years.

It’s impressive longevity for a character, but Sylvester isn’t the only one from the original Rocky to have appeared in the franchise’s last film, 2018’s Creed II.

In a recent Instagram post, Sylvester revealed that he still owns the turtles from the original Rocky film. Cuff and Link, the “exotic animals” that Rocky shows Adrian, are still very much alive and thriving. Sylvester has kept the turtles since filming the movie, making them about 44 years old.

They even appeared in Creed II with Sylvester, making them members of the Rocky universe for its whole existence. It’s sweet to see that there’s more to the Italian Stallion than just brawn. Sylvester is also an animal lover with many stories to tell.

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Sylvester Stallone may be one of the veterans of Hollywood action, but he shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. The 72-year-old actor appeared at Cannes this week in support of Rambo V: Last Blood.

The actor is in as good of shape as ever, taking care of himself between films. He’s also dedicated to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for everyone.

Sylvester has a lot of stories from his many years in the industry. He shares a lot of behind-the-scenes information and tales from the sets of his films.

While Sly’s fans are interested in all his film stories, there’s no questioning which is the most popular. Everyone loves a good story from the Rocky franchise.

Sylvester has been playing Rocky Balboa since 1976. In over 40 years, he’s portrayed the character in eight different films.

There’s so much history around the franchise that Sylvester worked with director Derek Johnson on a documentary about it. The doc looks into the making of the first film and features never-before-seen footage.

Speaking of the first film, Sylvester let fans in on a little-known fact about it. In the original Rocky, Rocky introduces Adrian to a pair of “exotic animals.”

There’s just one problem. Rocky forgets that he bought the turtles at Adrian’s pet store. That’s our introduction to Cuff and Link.

Following the first film, the female turtles, who were around 5 years old at the time of filming, were returned to pet store owner Joseph Marks. He held onto them.

sylvester stallone creed ii

The pet store owner and Sylvester kept in touch. The turtles were featured again in Rocky IIRocky BalboaCreed, and Creed II.

red eared slider

Cuff and Link are red-eared sliders. The turtles can live for more than 50 years with good care.

Fans were amazed to learn that they were the same turtles. It’s not the first indication that Sylvester is an animal lover, however.

Butkus was Rocky’s dog in the film, but Sylvester’s in real life. He owned the dog when he was struggling and writing the film. Sadly, he had to sell the dog for $40 because he couldn’t afford food.

When the screenplay for Rocky sold shortly after, Sylvester was able to buy Butkus back. The person he sold him to seriously upcharged him—$15,000 to get the dog back. As Sylvester wrote, “He was worth every penny!