Mom Goes To Get Wedding Dress, Then Realizes Another Woman Took It

by Emerald Pellot
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One day, Shannon McNamara took her wedding dress out of storage. The wife from Franklin, Tennessee, had it professionally dry-cleaned just after her wedding around 30 years ago.

However, when she pulled out the dress for the first time in three decades, she noticed that it wasn’t hers. She made the discovery in 2012, then spent the last five years without a clue as to the dress’s owner.

“I was shocked and sad and wondered whose dress I had,” Shannon told Inside Edition.

This year, Kim Jones made the same discovery. She pulled her dress out of storage three decades after the wedding to discover it wasn’t hers.

Apparently, the women used the exact same cleaners, who mixed up their ivory beaded wedding gowns.

The women were able to track each other down on Facebook.

Kim drove to Atlanta and they each got their dresses back.

Here’s another odd coincidence: The two women grew up in the same neighborhood, went to the same high school, and were married within the same month of each other.

It’s no wonder their dresses somehow ended up getting switched! Nevertheless, it is a little uncanny that both women would wait so long to remove their dress from the cleaner’s original box!

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