Pool Staff Sees Woman’s Pink One-Piece Bathing Suit And Kicks Her Out For Being ‘Inappropriate’

by Amy Paige
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Tori and her fiancé Tyler went to the swimming pool in their apartment complex with some friends, expecting a nice, relaxing afternoon.

Tori wore a bright pink one-piece swimsuit she’d recently bought.

But just minutes after the group’s arrival, a staff member approached Tori and told her she was making people uncomfortable. Apparently, Tori’s bathing suit was too inappropriate for a family setting and could “excite” the teenage boys.

Tori and her friends were completely stunned. But then things took an even stranger turn.

Not wanting the situation to escalate in front of everyone at the pool, Tori went to the building’s leasing office to speak with the staff in a private setting.

In the office, the employee insisted on taking a picture of Tori to show “how inappropriate” she looked in her bathing suit. She also asked Tori to look at herself in a mirror.

Tyler described this encounter in a now-viral Facebook post: “When my fiancée replied with, ‘I know what I look like, I bought this myself, it’s not a thong,’ the consultant told Tori that if she didn’t have kids herself, she wouldn’t understand. She was told that the leasing consultant wouldn’t want her own kids around Tori.”

Tyler said he’d never seen his fiancée so embarrassed, so humiliated, and so upset.

In the video below, see the pink one-piece that was deemed too inappropriate for the swimming pool.

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