Mom Took 3 Kids Swimming Only To Look At Photo Taken That Day And See ‘Ghost’ Of 4th Child

by Amy Paige
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In 2014, Kim Davison and her friend, Jessie, took three children to a swimming spot called Murphy’s Hole in Australia.

But when she looked at a family photo taken earlier that day, Kim discovered a fourth child in the photo, in between the two adults, where she insisted there was nothing but water.

Kim was instantly shaken, especially since she remembered her daughter saying she’d felt something “grab her leg” a couple of times that day.

After the photo was posted to a Facebook page for supernatural enthusiasts, experts examined a negative version of the image — and they couldn’t deny that there was light in the shape of a young girl.

But as the photo went viral, more people became aware of something horrible that happened in that very same watering hole nearly 100 years earlier.

Things were about to take a much more chilling turn…

ghost photo

In 2014, Kim Davison and Jessie Lu took their kids to Murphy’s Hole, located in Lockyer River of Queensland, Australia.

ghost photo

While splashing around in the water, they all posed for some fun family photos.

But while reviewing the images later that day, Kim was shocked by what she saw.

One of the photos, which went viral online, appears to show two women and four children swimming…

…but there were only three children with them that day.

ghost photo

The bright white face had dark eyes and two shapes on either side of its head.

Kim says that while she was holding the little girl, there had been nothing in the gap between the two adults.

She insisted the white head had horns, was not human, and also noted the “long skeletal-type fingers” on her shoulder and her daughter’s arm.

ghost photo

In a negative image, any light will appear black. That’s why many paranormal experts believe there’s something more than just a splash of water in between the two adults.

The creepy image was posted to the Toowoomba Ghost Chasers Facebook page.

ghost photo

But the story took an even spookier turn when researchers uncovered a chilling factoid.

In 1915 — 100 years before Kim took her family to the watering hole — a girl drowned in that very same creek.

A Brisbane Courier newspaper clipping from November 22, 1915, included the child’s death notice.

ghost photo

A 13-year-old girl named Doreen O’Sullivan accidentally drowned in Murphy’s Hole on a hot November day.

Doreen was known by her family as “Goo.”

ghost photo

Nearly an hour went by before her body was recovered in the water.

Her father, Daniel, was so devastated that he he forbade anyone in the family from talking about Goo again.

ghost photo

Goo was buried at Gore Hill Cemetery in the O’Sullivan Family plot.

ghost photo

Many people attended her funeral service.

ghost photo

Children from her convent school dressed in all white and marched beside the hearse.

ghost photo

Paranormal experts tended to agree with Kim — that the strange “other” child in the photo was in fact the ghost of Goo.

Some people even claimed to see multiple spirits captured in the photo. “There is a man with a beard near the girl I’m holding, near her feet. There are about four faces in the water,” one commenter wrote.

But the more cynical viewers said the figure was nothing more than a splash of water, a strange reflection, or overexposure from the sun.

ghost photo

Kim claims there were other strange occurrences that day.

She remembered her daughter saying that she’d felt something grab her leg twice in the water.

“When I went back in for one last dip to cool off, I did feel something behind me as I was walking out of [the] water but tried to ignore it,” she said.

ghost photo

Murphy’s Hole, which is over 20 feet deep, has always been considered dangerous…

ghost photo

…and after hearing about its dark past, people all over the world have vowed never to swim there again.

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