7 Baby Horses Have Never Been Happy — Until One Woman Finally Lets Them Run Free

by Paul Morris
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It seems impossible that there are people out there who are so cruel, they’ll let a baby horse die once they’re done with them.

Known as “Nurse Mare Foals” these adorable little babies are brought into the world simply so they can keep the milk flowing from their mothers. Eventually, the mothers are shipped off to another baby horse that is considered more valuable. These baby horses are usually future racing horses, or other sport horses, while the innocent (now orphaned) babies are killed.

It’s shocking to hear that not only does this industry even exist, but for some reason it’s all legal. Every year, these beautiful baby horses are euthanized simply because their mothers have to be sent off to give milk to “more impressive” baby horses.

While it’s heartbreaking to realize this actually happens, thankfully there are people out there who are doing everything they can to save these precious lives.

Last Chance Corral is an amazing foundation that takes these horses and helps nurse them to live to an older age. Once the babies are strong enough, they can actually be adopted by people who would love them.

The outrageous thing about all of this is that these horses are all perfectly healthy and friendly. Thanks to this amazing organization, they’re being given forever homes where they can live full and happy lives surrounded by love, plus treated with respect!

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