Loving Uncle Transforms Old Mobility Scooter Into Fully-Functioning Dump Truck

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

Sure, gifts that are bought are incredibly generous and meaningful, but there is something about receiving a handmade gift that is so special.

Whether it’s a homemade card, a piece of furniture, or even an adorable dog bed made by hand, these gifts definitely show how much the receiver means to the giver.

But what one particular uncle made for his nephew stretches far past a simple handmade craft.

Indulging the little boy’s love of garbage trucks, this handy Imgur user took an old mobility scooter and made it into an adorable mini garbage truck.

This is the most amazing toy — it can move, steer, honk, and even empty garbage, just like a real truck.

And just to reiterate,  it was made by hand!

Check below to see all of the interesting steps it took to make the mini garbage truck come to life.

[H/T: Imgur]

This sweet Imgur user has a nephew named Broden who is obsessed with garbage trucks. He even wants to be a garbage man when he grows up.

So he decided to make the boy his own mini mechanical truck out of an old mobility scooter — pretty nice uncle, I’d say!

After obtaining the scooter from a local ad, he stripped it down and separated its wheels.

He then reworked how the vehicle would steer, using an actual steering wheel, rather than the stick mechanism, on the scooter.

He then got busy building the walls of the truck.

He took special care in choosing the material so it wouldn’t break, dent, or cause any injury.

He also adjusted the seat from the scooter so that both adults and kids could drive the truck, though it looks like a full grown man would still have a bit of trouble fitting in it.

After a bit more tinkering with the steering pivot, the wheel and the seat could be permanently attached.

He then began to draw designs for a decorative grill that would go on the front of the car.

A door was also added for easier access, using hinges and a pull latch.

He also added in a floor for the driving area, so that the steering and wheels wouldn’t be exposed.

Probably the coolest aspect of the built-by-hand vehicle is the truck bed.

Using his electrical expertise, he made the bed boostable so that rubbish could be emptied out — unbelievable!

After the body and electronics were in place, it was time to paint the body.

He painted it orange and added other finishing touches, like the completed grate, a leather interior, and a personalized license plate.

After it was all finished, it was time to present it to the family — obviously his nephew was thrilled!

“I was trying to explain to him all the things, but I could tell he was all excited and just wanted a shot.”

Broden and his brother loved riding around in the truck; in fact, everyone in the family wanted in on the action.

The truck’s hydraulic component can even be removed so that it looks like a pickup truck.

Since getting his custom-made toy, Broden has enjoyed riding around and picking up anything that can fit in the back — from garbage to mowed grass.

His sweet uncle put plenty of time and effort into making the truck, but it looks like it was all worth it!

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