How To Grow And Harvest Sweet Potatoes In Your Own Backyard

by Emerald Pellot
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You ever leave a sweet potato in your fridge for a little too long and notice that it starts sprouting?

Most people cut off the sprouts, toss them in the trash, and don’t think twice about it. You can compost or dispose of the potatoes, but to really get the most of them, you can use Wendi Phan’s technique for growing and harvesting sweet potato slips. Spring and summer is the perfect time to start growing your slips. By the time fall comes around, you’ll be ready to harvest the hearty vegetable for soups, Thanksgiving dinner, and plenty of other goodies.

Be aware, sweet potatoes and regular potatoes are very different. The way you grow and harvest them are completely different processes. This process is for sweet potatoes.

“Potato is in the night shade family… to grow potatoes, you just need to put the plant in the ground and those eyes will grow new plants and you’ll get more potatoes when you dig in the ground,” Phan says. “With sweet potatoes, it’s part of the morning glory family. The way you grow them. You have to grow a completely knew plant from the sweet potato called the slip.”

In the video below, Phan shows you how to effectively grow, plant, and harvest your slips.

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