It Looks Like Just A Mansion, But When I Saw Inside I Told Everyone I Knew…AMAZING!

by Cassandra Morris
Cassandra is the Senior Editor of Original Content. She loves sweet tea, binge-watching Antiques Roadshow, and petting puppies.

I am not a very “fancy” person. I don’t care about gourmet foods, high-end purses, or sprawling estates. My brands are generic and my tastes are simple.

So when it comes to vacations (which are very few and far between), I’m much more about the experience than the expense. As long as my hotel has a bed, a bathroom, and a lock on the door, I’m set! I want to see the sights, not enjoy a fancy room.

But when I saw this shockingly unique vacation house, I began to sing a slightly different tune.

I thought I knew a lot about candy — especially after researching shocking vintage sweets — but I never knew it could be used for decoration. I don’t know who dreamed up this beautifully whimsical home, but I love it!

Every room was cooler than the last — but I think it was the backyard that really pushed this amazing house over the edge.

Would you like to spend your vacation in a house like this? I definitely would!

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Just outside of Orlando, on five beautiful acres of land, sits a magical rental house bursting with a sweet surprise.

Cotton Candy Carnival Suite Room

With its candy-themed bedrooms, ice cream cone–shaped pool, and old-fashioned carnival games, this property definitely brings new meaning to the term "funhouse."

Cotton Candy Room old fashioned Carnival Game

The amazing house boasts 10 bedrooms, two kitchens, three living rooms, a water park, a movie theater, a massage room, a full arcade, and more!

M&M Room sweet escape house

Despite its enormous size, not a single detail was missed when decorating the themed rooms.

Pepsi room sweet escape house

Old or young, Coke person or Pepsi person, this house appeals to everyone.

Coke Coca-Cola room sweet escape house

And when visitors rent the property, they get it all to themselves. You don't just rent a room at the Sweet Escape; you rent an experience!

Lifesavers room sweet escape house

It's perfect for romantic getaways, family reunions, corporate events, or group vacations.

Hersheys chocolate room sweet escape house

Starting at $995 a night, this sprawling candy mansion would make the perfect vacation home.

Oreo room sweet escape house

How much fun would it be to sleep in a different room each night? (Just don't forget where you left your toothbrush!)

Bubblegum Hubba Bubba BubbleYum Room sweet escape house

Although it's only minutes outside of Orlando, kids won't want to visit any theme parks when they're staying here.

Lollipop Room

Not even a hand towel was overlooked in this happy house.

Candy Land Bathroom

But be sure to schedule a dentist appointment after staying here...

Skittles Bathroom

Unless you want an unexpected visit from the Tooth Fairy!

Tooth Fairy Bathroom

The house also features a 1200-square-foot "ice cream social" night club, complete with a full arcade and karaoke station.

Ice Cream Social Hallway

But before starting off the day's adventures, you'll need a sugary breakfast.

Cereal Killer Kitchen

The "cereal killer" kitchen has exactly what your day needs.

Cereal Killer Kitchen

While kids enjoy their bowls of cereal, parents can sip their coffee in the more elegantly themed rooms.

Candy Living Room

Full kitchens and a private chef will ensure your kids' diets are properly balanced and delicious.

Dessert Dining Room

The Sweet Escape is more than just a rental house. It's part of the vacation experience!

Candy History

And just when you think the house couldn't get any more spectacular, you step outside.

Ice Cream Cone Swimming Pool

The property is so amazing, parents often complain that they "wasted" their money on theme park tickets, because their children never wanted to leave the house!

Ice Cream Cone Swimming Pool At Night

Parents can enjoy relaxing and grilling outdoors while the children splash and play nearby.

Ice Cream Grill

Practice your swing or challenge your family to a game of human Candy Land.

Candy Land Putt Putt Golf

Children and adults alike will enjoy roaming the grounds.

Black And White Cookie Outdoor Checkers Chess

The property features pieces from major fast food restaurants, adding whimsy to the great outdoors.

Cheeseburger In Paradise Officer Big Mac

The five-acre nature reserve is lined with gorgeous oak trees and populated by beautiful cranes and other birds, which you can enjoy while you play.

Lifesavers Tire Swing

Rainy day? No problem! Cuddle up inside and watch a movie on the big screen.

Candy Chocolate Brick Movie Theater

Or enjoy the full-sized arcade, which is totally free. No coins or quarters necessary.

Ice Cream Arcade

Would you stay in this achingly sweet vacation house? I know I would!

The Sweet Escape Candy House Sign

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