Watch This Sweet Couple Serenade Each Other During Their Wedding

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

These two lovebirds are clearly also songbirds. This wedding-day performance just might be the most romantic thing I have ever seen before.

While there is no shortage of surprise wedding serenades online, I’d never seen the bride and groom serenade each other! This lovely couple is at the altar on their wedding day, but they decide to turn tradition on its ear.

Instead of just exchanging vows, they decide to up their ceremony game, and perform a duet together. In fact, I think that this performance is more moving than any vow!

Together, they sing “Always” by Atlantic Starr. This ode to starting a future with your everlasting love is the perfect choice for such a big day, and they definitely do the song justice.

They’re even a match for professional singers.

Both newlyweds have incredible voices (maybe they met at an open mic night?) — but the sweetest thing about this clip is how they stare into one another’s eyes for the whole song.

The entire congregation joins them in praise, cheering and clapping for the talented couple as they join together in the House of God. Indeed, at the end of the song, the husband is so overjoyed that he is taken by the Spirit, and can hardly contain his exaltation.

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