Walk-On College Football Player Learns He Gets A Full-Ride During Practice

by Caroline Bayard
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You can be the greatest athlete on the team, but if you’re not a team player, it really doesn’t mean much.

Meet Trevor Sweeney of Western Michigan University. He’s a junior from Mattawan, Michigan who made the WMU Broncos football team as a walk-on. Sweeney is a leader and a very valued member of the team, so when coach P.J. Fleck learned of some good news regarding this athlete, he knew he had to do something extra special to let him know how he and the rest of the team felt.

In the following video, from a recent pre-season training camp practice we see Sweeney, who wears #25 on the field, catch hold of a surprise onside kick and notice that there was something strange attached to the football.

It was a letter from Fleck, who awarded his walk-on player an athletic scholarship to the university.

“Sweeney, I couldn’t be prouder to award you and your family a full-ride scholarship.” the letter from Coach Fleck said. “There isn’t a reminder of this family that’s more deserving of this award than you. Thank you from all of us for believing in the Row the Boat lifestyle and exemplifying what it means to be a Bronco. We love you Sweeney.”

With the cost of higher education being a leading cause of debt in the United States, with borrowers owing more than $1 trillion in student loans, this is a true blessing for any young person. Sweeney told Michigan Live that his parents are divorced and his mother broke down when she heard the news. “I told her I was going to take care of her and whatever I had to do I was going to do it.” Sweeney said.

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