Lunch Lady Takes School’s Small Budget And Makes Stunning Meals For The Kids

by Emerald Pellot
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If you’ve attended public school in the last few decades, the thought of school lunch probably makes you cringe. Stale chicken nuggets, watery mashed potatoes, and unrecognizable heaps of beige globs.

As we’ve seen in both Japan and France, other countries have a different approach to school lunch than here in the United States.

The entirety of the concerns in the U.S. appear to be budgetary, whereas in Sweden, schools manage to balance the cost of school lunch with its students’ health.

Annelie Lindeberg is a school lunch lady in Sweden. She knows every single student’s name. She even takes small groups to see where their food comes from.

She escorts a group of young ones to meet the fisherman who brings the students the fresh fish she will later prepare them. This gives students an appreciation for the hard labor that goes into filling their bellies.

Imagine if every American student were required to meet the farmers who provide them their nourishment? I imagine we would treat farmers quite differently here! Every meal is made from scratch, not defrosted from a frozen bag or reheated from a can.

The lunch workers in Sweden are committed to nourishing their students so that they can think better and create a community around food and where it comes from! Do you think our schools could do a better job of providing students with healthy lunches? Let us know in the comments!

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Video Credit: SkolmattensVänner

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