Swedish Model Eats 6,000 Calories A Day In An Attempt To Get The World’s Biggest Butt

by Angela Andaloro

The idea of the “perfect” body is one that generates a lot of conversation in today’s culture. While some of those conversations revolve around trying to break down the notion of perfection, others are trying to redefine what having the best body means.

It takes hard work and commitment to get the body you desire, and the “ideal” body looks different for everyone. Not everyone is built to look the exact same way, and you should be looking to please yourself and no one else when you’re thinking about your body goals!

Natasha Crown, a 24-year-old glamour model from Gothenburg, Sweden, has a very specific body goal. Natasha wants to have the world’s biggest behind. The Siberian-born woman’s butt is currently 80 inches, but she has her sights set on widening it to 110 inches.

Natasha told Caters News that she realized this dream after undergoing her first Brazilian butt lift and realizing that what once sounded far-fetched was now an attainable goal.

It hasn’t been easy for Natasha to get this far. The model has spent over $65,000 on three separate Brazilian butt lift procedures. She’s also committed to a high-calorie diet, eating loads of carbs to get to her goal size. Natasha estimates she consumes about 6,000 calories a day in pursuit of the weight gain she desires.

While Natasha’s social media following and her close group of friends are supportive of her goals, there are people in her life who are concerned for her well-being. At 5’10” and nearly 300 pounds, Natasha anticipates putting on another 50 pounds before reaching her goal. She says that her family isn’t supportive of her dream at all, and some friends fear she might die in pursuit of it.

But Natasha isn’t letting anyone’s doubts stand in her way. She’s vowed to do “whatever it takes” to tack on those additional 30 inches and have the world’s biggest butt. Check out the video below to learn more about Natasha’s journey and to see what she looked like before it began.

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