Toddler Feels Abdominal Pain For Months, Then Mentions He Swallowed A Bobby Pin

by Emerald Pellot
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It was all so strange. A 4-year-old boy was taken to the hospital after experiencing pain in his upper abdomen for a month.

The boy admitted to his parents and doctors that he had swallowed a bobby pin weeks before.

The boy had previously been diagnosed with a urinary tract infection but his condition did not improve. He began to get fevers and chills. Doctors believed the bobby pin would pass through his system. However, when an X-ray was conducted they discovered the bobby pin was lodged in his kidney and had begun to rust.

“Children actually start exploring the world using their mouth as soon as they are able to pick up objects,” said Dr. Yasmin Abdulaziz Yousef, who treated the boy.

“We have treated a few patients with complications due to swallowed disk batteries as well, but I have never encountered a foreign object that perforates the bowel and gets lodged in the kidney in my practice before,” Dr. Yousef said.

The doctor surgically removed the pin and the boy was able to recover without any other issues. While Dr. Yousef said it is practically impossible to prevent toddlers from exploring the world via their mouths, they can keep small objects away from them.

“Toys that have small parts cannot be given to children under the age of 3,” Yousef said.”Toys operated by disc batteries have to have a battery cover that is screwed in place.”

He says that if a child appears to be choking or wheezing for no reason, parents should seek medical attention since it’s possible they may have swallowed or inhaled an object.

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