Suzanne Somers Rejoices In Aging: ‘I’ve Got A Wisdom That No Young Person Can Buy’

by Angela Andaloro

There aren’t too many celebrities in Hollywood embracing the aging process. We’ve made some strides, but many prefer to visit the fountain of youth for as long as they can.

Suzanne Somers is not one of those celebrities.

You can’t deny that the 73-year-old actress looks fantastic. Suzanne credits it all to her dedication to staying active and engaging in holistic healing. She’s very passionate about being good to herself. Through wellness books, growing her own organic foods, and an organic makeup line, she’s getting others in on her lifestyle.

Suzanne suffered a setback when she fractured her hip during an incident on the tram to her Palm Springs home.

Luckily, some friends helped her spring back into action when she was ready. Suzanne joined Tae Bo creator Billy Blanks and Jake Steinfeld of Body by Jake for a Facebook livestream workout on June 25. Suzanne hosted a virtual happy hour with Jake after Billy led the workout.

Suzanne Somers is heading back to her roots as a workout diva. She teamed up with Tae Bo creator Billy Blanks and Jake Steinfeld of Body by Jake on Thursday with Movement by Michelob ULTRA Live to livestream a workout.

Suzanne told People magazine that the timing was perfect for her after she’d fully recovered from an injury. “I had a setback this year that I had never experienced — I fractured my hip,” she said. The incident occurred after Suzanne jumped from the private tram to her house in Palm Springs when it stopped unexpectedly in the middle of a hill.

“There was no choice but to jump. It was dark and I landed very badly.”

A lot of her recovery involved lying still, which was difficult for the active 73-year-old. She lay motionless for several weeks until it was time to get moving again.

“I’d done yoga every other day for 19 years — and suddenly I couldn’t do it,” she said. “I felt like my body had seized up.”

Suzanne finds staying acting a key part of her graceful aging. She was worried about how the inactive time would impact her in the long run. She wanted to be sure she got back to it as soon as doctors permitted her to. Sticking to her plan and seeing results has helped drive her.

“We don’t have to fall apart as we age,” Suzanne noted. She suggested trying different things and finding what really works for your body.

“Find a movement protocol that turns you on. If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.”

Suzanne hoped that joining in on the live workout would help motivate people who have been stuck inside in recent months. “I thought about all the people who are sequestered in their houses, and how important it is to light a fire under them,” she said.

“That is what we are trying to do with Movement by Michelob ULTRA Live.”

Billy led an iconic Tae Bo workout on June 26 at 6 p.m. ET. Afterward, there was a happy hour chat with Suzanne and Jake. The event was part of a virtual workout series led by celebrities and trainers to provide relief to local gyms across the country that have been impacted by closures.

Fitness is just one part of Suzanne’s health and wellness regimen. The actress writes wellness books, grows her own organic food, and is working on an organic makeup line.

“I am passionate about how the body works,” she said. “If you had a Maserati, you would never put inferior oil in it.”

Suzanne is proud of the results she gets. Earlier this year, she discussed her desire to pose nude for Playboy. “Maybe on my 75th birthday,” she joked when asked if she’d return to the magazine.

“That would be really cool. I would like to have Annie Leibovitz shoot me nude for Playboy for my 75th birthday.”

Suzanne was asked how she feels about paving the way for the fitness influencers of today. “I think Billy and Jake and myself were around in a very lucky era because there wasn’t the amount of content there is now,” she noted.

“I don’t know how you find your way to the top now.”

Suzanne is all about enjoying life in the here and now. For her, that means embracing aging as it comes.

“One thing I love about aging — and I do love aging — I’ve got a wisdom that no young person can buy. You earn it.”