Cop Pulls Teen Over And Says Her Driver’s License Is Suspended For ‘Not Having A Prom Date’

by Amy Paige
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In May 2019, a high school teen named Sammy was driving to Starbucks in Gainesville, Florida, when she was pulled over by a policeman.

Sammy was a little confused by the traffic stop but admitted to driving over a curb, if that was actually the reason for the stop.

The officer and a detective got out of the squad car and told Sammy a concerned passerby had called to report that she drove over a median. The interaction was captured on his body cam.

When the cop called the police department to check the status on her driver’s license, the dispatcher relayed that her license came back as temporarily suspended.

Sammy had no clue anything was wrong with her license, but she was about to learn the specific reason for the suspension.

“I’ve never seen this before, but it’s showing that it’s temporarily suspended for failure to register a prom date,” the dispatcher said over the radio.

“Let’s see if we can resolve this suspension,” the officer told the teen.

As it turned out, the whole thing was a setup — an adorable plan set up by her own boyfriend …

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