Sushi Lover Poops Out Live 5-Foot-Long Tapeworm And Thinks It’s A ‘Piece Of Intestine’

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

A sushi lover in California may be cutting back on his habit of eating raw fish after he was admitted to the emergency room for a five-foot-long tapeworm extracted from his body.

The young man walked into the ER complaining of bloody diarrhea. He asked to be tested for worms.

Doctors were initially confused by his request and wary of his self-diagnosis.

Dr. Kenny Banh was the one who opened a grocery bag he had with him. Inside, he found a horrifying sight. On the podcast This Won’t Hurt a Bit, he said: “I take out a toilet paper roll… and wrapped around it of course is what looks like this giant, long tapeworm.”

When the doctor stretched the tapeworm out on the floor, he saw that it measured five-and-a-half feet in length.

The young patient had also complained about abdominal cramps and other symptoms that made him go to the bathroom — which was how he had found out about the worm in the first place.

The doctor added that his patient thought he was dying. He reportedly said, “Oh my goodness, my guts are coming out of me,” and started pulling at the worm.

On a slightly humorous note, Dr. Bahn added that the young man was relieved that he hadn’t pulled out a piece of his own intestines when he saw the tapeworm moving in his hand.

The patient said that he hadn’t traveled anywhere exotic recently. So how did he get the parasite?

He told his doctor, “I eat raw salmon almost every day.”

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Footage provided by KCPQ Seattle

Photos: Flickr / Blue Waikiki; Wikimedia / Chhandama

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