72-Year-Old Soap Opera Legend Susan Lucci Shows Off Flawless Bikini Body In Unretouched Photos

by Lindsey Weedston

Last year, former All My Children actress Susan Lucci is repping for all the older ladies out there by baring all in stunning, unretouched photos of herself in a swimsuit.

A wrinkle or a bit of loose skin here or there isn’t stopping the legendary soap actress from loving herself and sharing that joy with the world!

“I’m so excited (and nervous!) to share this shoot with the world,” she captioned the Instagram post sharing the gorgeous photoshoot. “I haven’t felt better in my life!”

The photos were part of a profile of the soap star by Harper’s Bazaar. According to the mag, Susan has “reinvented herself as a social media star and fitness influencer” after leaving soap opera acting in 2011 — and the fitness life has certainly treated her well.

Scroll through to see the incredible swimsuit photos of the septuagenarian actress from last year.

Three years ago, bikini photos taken by Susan's husband went viral.

Three years ago, bikini photos taken by Susan's husband went viral.

“I put on a bikini, my husband took some pictures, and a friend of mine said, ‘You need to post this shot on Instagram!’” Susan told the mag.

“After the pictures came out — and they went everywhere — it occurred to me that Instagram could be a great way to stay connected to my fans,” she continued.

Susan called the massive positive social media response “very unexpected” and “flattering.”

Maybe it was unexpected to you, Susan, but anyone who looks that good at 71 is obviously going to turn a lot of heads!

Susan started her acting career with All My Children in 1970 at age 24, just two years after she graduated from Marymount College with a BA in drama.

She stuck with the show for 41 years, portraying Erica Kane up until the very last episode when the show was canceled. She was often referred to as “Daytime’s Leading Lady.”

She has continued her acting work since then by making appearances in music videos and hosting Discovery’s Deadly Affairs.

From 2013 to 2016, she starred in the Lifetime comedy-drama series Devious Maids as Genevieve Delatour. She was also on season seven of Dancing With the Stars.

And that’s not all the soap legend has been doing.

This active woman oversees an entire fitness empire with her Pilates Pro Chair and a successful activewear line on QVC. She also has over 90,000 followers on Instagram.

Susan's Secret? Mostly Pilates

Susan's Secret? Mostly Pilates

Susan credits Pilates for her youthful appearance and energy.

“Once I started doing Pilates, I lost my taste for things like cheeseburgers and french fries,” she told Harper’s Bazaar. “I rarely eat dessert, never snack, and I don’t eat a lot of bread and pasta.”

“I feel as good now as I ever did in my 20s and 30s, maybe even better physically,” Susan revealed.

According to the actress, a typical lunch looks like this: “A turkey-and-avocado sandwich made with beefsteak tomatoes in lieu of bread.”

She doesn’t eat many sweets, and she doesn’t drink much either: “I’ll have one glass of champagne when we go out to dinner, but I don’t drink at home.”

I think I’ll pass on this diet, but you go, girl!

Susan also clearly has phenomenal skin for her age, a result of taking her skin care routine very seriously.

“No matter how tired I am, I never go to bed with my makeup on,” she explained.

Of course, there’s no replacement for the miracle of Botox — as long as you use a light touch.

“[Dermatologist Dr. Ellen Gendler] does a great job — very natural,” Susan said. “She doesn’t completely freeze your face. You still have expression, so it doesn’t look fake.”

Paparazzi Magnet

Paparazzi Magnet

All of this is clearly working, seeing as how Susan’s husband Helmut Huber wasn’t the only one taking photos of her in her swimsuit. During a vacation to Sandy Lane in Barbados last February, paparazzi took dozens of photos of Susan.

“I didn’t realize they were taking pictures until about the third day, when I saw two telephoto lenses following us,” she recalled.

But as long as she looked good in the photos, Susan didn’t mind too much.

“The pictures were so good! By the fourth day I was looking for the paparazzi,” she confessed. “I wanted to thank them.”

What is really important, according to Susan, is simply to remain strong no matter how old you are.

“What I’ve learned is that if you train hard, you can offset some of what you’ve got going against you. People look at me and say ‘Wow, she doesn’t seem old, but she is old,'” she said. “Meanwhile, the reality is if you’re strong, you’re beautiful, no matter what age you are.”

Maybe if I start now, I can look half as good as the iconic daytime actress when I’m 71.

In the meantime, keep that Instagram inspiration coming!