Surviving A Summertime Pregnancy: What To Expect When You’re Expecting A Summer Baby

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Pregnancy can be a beautiful experience, but it can also be pretty miserable. Feeling your baby growing inside you is magical, but it’s also uncomfortable.

And if you’re pregnant in the summer, it’s a whole different experience.

Are you sweating it out with a baby on board in this summer heat? You already know to expect some serious discomfort during pregnancy, but hitting the third trimester in the height of summer’s heat just isn’t easy, no matter how smoothly things have been going.

And remember, dehydration and overexertion can both lead to preterm labor. While being pregnant in the summer isn’t exactly fun, it’s best for baby to develop to term to avoid respiratory and developmental issues.

The heat of summer can exacerbate typical third-trimester problems like swelling and dehydration, fast! Here, we’ll take a look at some of these common issues and hook you up with some ways to deal.  

1. Swelling

pregnancy swelling
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Swelling is super common during pregnancy in any season. But doesn’t it seem like the summer heat can cause you to blow up the moment you walk out the door? While there’s no surefire way to avoid swelling altogether, keep it at bay by skipping overly strenuous activities and planning plenty of time each day to put your feet up.

Still swelling? Try cutting any excess salt from your diet. And if nothing seems to be helping, your doctor might want to check your blood pressure to ensure you haven’t developed preeclampsia, which can be life-threatening to both you and baby.  

2. Overheating

pregnancy overheating
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That crazy summer heat can zap your energy, and it’s easy to become overheated when you’re pregnant during the summer. All that excess blood coursing through your body causes it to work harder even under normal conditions, so the summer heat can really take its toll. A solution? Try to squeeze in outdoor activities early in the morning or late in the evening when it’s not quite as hot.

3. Dehydration

pregnancy dehydration
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Those eight glasses of water a day may be hard to squeeze in, but it’s critical that you take in enough water while you’re pregnant. And if you’re pregnant during the summer, it’s even more important.

The American Pregnancy Association says that dehydration during pregnancy can lead to serious complications, like neural tube defects, low amniotic fluid, low breast milk supply, and even premature labor.

Be sure to always carry water with you no matter where you go (especially if you’re spending time outside), and set daily goals for how much water you’ll consume.

4. Restrictive Clothing

pregnancy restrictive clothing
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Those full-belly panels may be a godsend in the wintertime, but come summer? Not so much. They’re restrictive and itchy and make you even hotter than you already are. So if your late-pregnancy attire is making you miserable, opt for easy sundresses or maxi-dresses, or go for loose-fitting shorts that tie below your belly. And be sure to choose light fabrics like cotton and linen.

5. Dizziness/Blood Pressure Issues

pregnancy dizziness
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Dizziness can strike during any trimester of pregnancy, but the summer heat can certainly make your head spin if you’re not careful.

To avoid dizziness in the summertime, try to stay cool as much as possible; stay in the shade while outdoors or use a handheld fan. And avoid allowing yourself to get too hungry, since this combined with summer heat can make dizziness worse.

6. Heat Rash/Excessive Sweating

pregnancy excessive sweating
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Summertime pregnancies can lead to so many skin issues. Itchiness, excessive sweating, heat rash, and chafing are all possible at this stage of the game. While it’s virtually impossible to avoid these altogether, using cornstarch or powder can help keep you feeling drier longer and reduce chafing.

What to do about all that sweat? Sadly, it’s just something you’ll have to deal with; pregnancy can cause you to sweat buckets in any season. Here’s a tip: Taking a cool shower at night then lying in bed with a fan blowing on you feels amazing!

7. Sore Feet

pregnancy sore feet
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Summertime pregnancies can have your dogs barking, so you might have to trade those sexy stilettos or cute flats for some cushy, supportive flip-flops or sneakers.

We’re in love with Sanuk’s “yoga mat” flip-flops! Your sore feet will sink right into the soft, cushiony bottom, which alleviates foot and leg pain. They’re worth every penny during pregnancy! And for hand-crafted arch support with ultimate comfort, try the Ohana sandal by OluKai, available in a variety of fun colors.  

8. Fatigue

pregnancy fatigue
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Remember that crazy fatigue from the first trimester? Unfortunately, it could rear its ugly head again as you enter your third trimester. And this is even more likely if Mother Nature’s cranking up the heat.

The best thing to do when you’re feeling super tired is to listen to your body and rest. If you’re at work, plan a 15-minute nap in your car or at your desk. And if you’re taking care of older kids all day, plan some downtime every day (if they don’t nap anymore) where they can do quiet things while you rest. Another great option is to plan one designated “indoor day” each week where they watch a movie or have playdates at others’ houses.

9. Sore Back/Legs

pregnancy soreness
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All that excess weight can take a toll on your back and legs during late pregnancy. One summertime perk? The swimming pool! Hit the pool for some zero-gravity goodness, and while you’re there, try some light stretching exercises. They’ll help keep your body toned and supple and help you avoid excessive weight gain. Plus, it’ll keep you cool in the summertime heat. Is there any problem the pool can’t solve?

10. Sunburn

pregnancy sunburn
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Pregnancy can change the way your skin reacts to the sun, so avoid getting burned by always using a good sunscreen. When you’re outside, try to stay covered up with light clothing and umbrellas. We all know that pregnancy is uncomfortable enough without having to deal with a bad sunburn!

Being pregnant during the summer might be difficult, but it’ll all be so worth it when you have your little bundle of joy in your arms.