Dozens Of Surrogate Babies Are Stranded In Ukraine Without Parents Due To COVID Lockdown

by Amy Paige
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The pandemic rages on, but it hasn’t stopped hundreds of thousands of babies being born every day.

There are about 100 surrogate babies stranded in the Ukraine and thousands of miles away from the parents they have yet to meet.

In March, Ukraine closed its borders to foreigners, which means parents across the world cannot get into the country to reach their newborns and bring them home.

Most of these frantic and worried parents have only seen their sons and daughters through photos and video calls with the medical clinic.

Meanwhile, moms and dads are missing out on crucial bonding time during those first stages of infancy.

Joel, the father you’re about to meet, is one of the lucky ones.

He left his wife back home in the States to make the two-day trek to the Ukraine.

After spending the mandatory 14 days in quarantine overseas, he was just in time to be there for the birth of his daughter via a surrogate.

Experts say the numbers may soon reach as high as 1,000 stranded babies if travel restrictions are extended.

Meet Joel in the clip below and hear about his harrowing journey to get to his daughter just in time.

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