Woman Uses Retirement Fund To Buy Home For Grandparents Who Never Had Running Water, Electricity

by Amy Paige
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Kahealani Paradis dreamed of buying a new house for many years — not for herself, but for her beloved grandparents.

Kahealani’s Hawaiian grandparents, along with the many generations that came before them, had never lived with electricity or running water. Instead, their lives were about family, heritage, and living off the land in Hawaii.

She described her feelings on Facebook:

“They persevered through hardships & never complained about what they didn’t have. They’ve done so much for so many people & never expect anything in return. They’ve sacrificed so much for me and raised me to know that it is always better to give then to receive…. that it ain’t all about the money in your pocket, but about sticking together as a family & loving each other unconditionally. I will never be able to truly express my gratitude & love for them (because it’s infinite!) but I will spend my life trying!”

While secretly searching for a house (she didn’t want them to know what she had planned), Kahealani found a reasonably priced two-bedroom home on a quarter-acre of land nestled on the beautiful Big Island.

Kahealani selflessly cashed out her and her husband’s retirement fund to make the monumental purchase.

In the video clip, Kahealani leads her unsuspecting grandparents to their new home under false pretenses before revealing the huge surprise. “So I think it’s time that you guys get back something for all the years that you guys took care of people,” she began. “For all the years that you guys help everybody else, it’s time for you guys to get back.”

Their reaction is something you do not want to miss.

Video credit: Kahlealani Paradis

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