Scammer Takes All Of Sick Dad’s Money, Then Friend Goes Behind His Back To Get Strangers To Help

by Emerald Pellot
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Memphis resident Charlie Brock is having a hard time. He had been a truck driver for years but quit due to a heart condition. While awaiting a new heart, Charlie’s medical bills began piling up.

To make matters worse, a card skimmer stole his checking account information and drained Charlie’s bank account. Then, making matters even worse, his 25-year-old air conditioner also broke down.

So Charlie’s good friend Gene Landeros reached out to the news station WREG. He knew the station had a “Pass It On” segment that pays it forward to community members. WREG donated $30, then a community member matched that amount, and two strangers at Chik-fil-A donated $140. Gene also did some fundraising on his own.

“My son’s Facebook friends kicked in with a one-up. It’s not ‘Pass It On.’ They call it a ‘one-up.’ They got together and… $600,” explained Gene. “And my wife and I want to kick in $300.”

In total, they raised $1,640 for Charlie. The reporter surprised the down-on-his-luck man — who was in complete awe. Then, a cameraman revealed his true identity: he was actually there to repair the air conditioner.

Charlie completely broke down.

When Charlie called his wife, she was practically hysterical. Sometimes, when things go wrong and it feels like you need a miracle, all you really need is a friend as sweet and caring as Gene.

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Footage provided by WREG Memphis

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