Mom Of 3 Thinks Abdomen Pain Is From Appendix Before She Delivers 4th Baby On The Bathroom Floor

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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After having their third daughter, Charlene Fullerton and Steven Fraser felt that their family was complete.

Charlene went on the birth control pill so that she and Steven wouldn’t accidentally have another baby. Charlene started having regular periods, and even though she still had a bit of a “mum tum,” she figured it was just some leftover baby weight.

During a weekend in August 2017, however, Charlene started to feel a bit weird. On August 21, she woke up in severe pain. She had awful cramps and noticed she was bleeding.

Charlene told Steven that something was really wrong, and he wondered if maybe it was her appendix. When the pain intensified, Charlene collapsed onto her hands and knees on the bathroom floor.

Steven called an ambulance and described Charlene’s symptoms. The operator told him she could be in labor. Moments later, Charlene — who had no idea she was pregnant — felt the urge to push, and she delivered a baby girl right there on the bathroom floor.

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charlene daughters
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Charlene, now a mom of four wonderful daughters, was happy enough being a parent of three before she unexpectedly gave birth to her fourth baby.

Katlin, 11, and Sophie, 8, were excited when their mom brought their sister, Emily, into the world. They, like their parents, thought that would be the last addition to the family.

charlene dress
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After giving birth to Emily, Charlene decided she would go on the pill.

She and her partner, Steven Fraser, didn’t think they wanted to have any more children.

janey newborn
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On August 21, 2017, Charlene woke up in severe pain. She had terrible cramps and was bleeding.

She told news service PA Real Life, “I know now that these were contractions, but I’d already had three kids, and they didn’t feel anything like the contractions I had with them.  This was more like a continuous pain.”

charlene janey
PA Real Life

Steven thought maybe Charlene’s appendix had burst, so he called for an ambulance.

When he described Charlene’s symptoms, the operator said she might be in labor. Moments later, the operator helped Steven deliver his fourth child on the bathroom floor.

charlene hospital
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Charlene explained to PA Real Life, “I had no idea I was pregnant. People asked me, because I had a bit of a mum tum, but I was still having my periods. It wasn’t until I pushed out her head that I finally realized I was having a baby! It was the biggest shock of my life.”

janey sisters
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After delivering her fourth daughter, Janey, on the bathroom floor, Charlene’s older daughters woke up because of the commotion.

They were just as stunned as their parents.

baby janey
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“The noise woke up our older girls, and they came downstairs to unlock the door,” Charlene explained.

“Sophie just gasped and said, ‘Mummy, have you had a baby?’ They were shocked — but then, so were we.”

janey emily
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Charlene and baby Janey were rushed to the hospital, where doctors said they were both doing well.

Since she didn’t know she was pregnant, Charlene had consumed some wine and smoked a few cigarettes while she was expecting. Luckily, they didn’t negatively affect Janey.

charlene hot tub
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Janey is 6 months old now, and she’s absolutely thriving.

“Janey is such a chilled baby, which is funny after her dramatic arrival,” Charlene said. “I’m just so glad that she’s OK, as I did have the odd glass of wine and cigarette, not knowing I was pregnant.”

janey baby
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