Surfers Head To The Beach, But Turn Around When They See Red Water

by Kate Taylor
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Many of us are familiar with the existence of the Red Sea, which got its name from a bacteria called “sea sawdust” that turns the water crimson on certain seasons. With that big exception, the rest of the big blue ocean is, well, blue.

However, on April 10, 2017, some surfers off the coast of Western Australia noticed that the water looked rather unusual.

Riley Watts, 18, and his friend had gone down to the beach that day in hopes of catching some waves. The boys changed their mind upon seeing the red water, then decided to get in their boat to investigate.

The surfers are locals from the town of Exmouth, so they are familiar with the seasonal patterns of the ocean. They were aware that it was the time of the year when red bell jellyfish swarm.

With that said, neither surfer had ever seen swarms like this before. One of them said in response to the encounter: “The whole west side of Exmouth was just packed with them… just kilometers and kilometers of them.”

While this species of jellyfish do not administer a fatal sting, the swarm was more than enough to make the guys pack up their surfboards and turn around and go home. The decision was definitely the right one.

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