Surfer Is Known For Funny Voice In TV Interview. 15 Years Later, He Reveals How He Really Sounds

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

About 15 yeas ago in 2002, a Fox 11 reporter interviewed a surfer catching some waves in Orange County. That surfer was Micah Peasley, and he was about to become an Internet sensation.

Talking about surfing, the young man gave a hilarious interview. His voice is very memorable, as is his description. Then, he used words like “get pitted” — something very few knew the meaning of. At the time, he was exactly who came to mind when people thought about surfers.

People who saw the video couldn’t get enough of it, and soon it became what would later be called a viral video.

But 15 years have passed since that interview first made waves, and a reporter decided that it was time to see what Micah was up to, now.

The ‘surfer dude’ is in fact, still surfing, and is even an instructor for the sport and a business owner. He’s a husband and a father, too. But the biggest surprise of all is perhaps his voice: he sounds totally different than when he gave his first interview.

Micah actually admitted that everything from his voice to his persona was totally fake in his 2002 TV appearance!

He also admits that he’s often recognized, even now, as the funny surfer who made it on television.

Do you remember when his “get pitted” interview first aired on TV?

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