Mom On Birth Control Keeps Getting Pregnant, So Husband Agrees To Get A Vasectomy

by Emerald Pellot
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It wasn’t that Becky Gower and her now-husband, Ed, didn’t want kids so much as it was that they had just been dating a few months. At the time, Becky was on birth control pills.

“Ed and I had only started seeing each other in August 2011, and I realized that I was pregnant at the beginning of December that year,” Becky recalled to Caters News. “I was so shocked, but even more than that I felt guilty — because I’d been drinking for the last seven weeks and not looking after myself, when all the while I was pregnant.”

However, after having their first son, Dylan, they enjoyed the surprise of parenthood so much they decided to give him a sibling. After Archie was born, they went back on birth control. Becky followed the directions religiously.

Within a matter of weeks of taking the pill, she became pregnant again with their third son, Finn. The couple gave up on the pill and began to use condoms. However, one split, so they welcomed their fourth child, their little girl, Cora.

“I’ve tried everything now but nothing seems to work — my body must just reject the hormones,” Becky said.

The couple feels as though their family is complete with four children. They have come up with a solution to their unexpected fertility issue.

“We’re going to look into Ed [having] a vasectomy soon — we love our children and love the fact that we didn’t plan our life, but I think that four babies is definitely enough,” she said.

Becky and Ed have welcomed all their children with open arms. After all, if the condom hadn’t failed, Becky believes she would never have gotten her baby girl. Nevertheless, the family of six is happy to keep it that way for as long as possible.

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