Daughter Giggles Up At Her Dad, Then Starts Falling Backward When He Raises His Hands

by Nicoletta Richardson

Do you remember the first time you saw an action-packed superhero movie as a little kid? Did it leave you inspired to save the world from the bad guys and to be the symbol of justice like our favorite cape-wearing idol?

I sure do. I remember chatting with friends for what felt like hours over which powers we would choose to have, if given the opportunity.

There’s something about those heroic characters that strike a heart string, even in times of grief, like when these neighbors showed up to a little boy’s funeral decked out in costume.

For this little girl, who was filmed earlier this month, her dad is the superhero in this equation — and he’s got the “superpowers” to prove it.

Dad stands in front of the large bed where his tiny daughter stands, and slowly lifts his hands up over his head while making a noise that gets louder and louder. The little girl stands on the bed smiling from ear to ear, knowing what’s about to come even before we do.

Next, Dad shoots his arms in front of him, releasing the “energy” that “forces” his daughter to fall back on the bed, laughing hysterically the whole way down.

Whether she knows it’s a joke and is playing along, or truly believes her dad has these “powers” and is simply giggling at the very sight of her dad, there is no doubt that these two have an unbreakable bond.

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