9 Picnic Hacks Everyone Needs To Try This Summer

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Summer is the best time for a lot of outdoor activities, like swimming, going to the beach, lying under the sun, and eating outside.

Everyone loves a good summer barbecue — there’s nothing better than a hamburger, a hot dog, or a veggie-and-steak skewer.

But here’s the thing: having barbecues all the time can get boring. So, mix up your outdoor meals by opting for a picnic every once in a while.

Honestly, there’s nothing better than a summer picnic — you get to sit outside on a nice blanket, enjoy some tasty premade food, and maybe even sip a glass of wine.

But with bugs, dirt, and wet grass, picnics aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Luckily, there are quite a few hacks you can use to make your picnic more fun!

Read about the hacks below to find out how to make your next picnic even better!

Picnic Hack #1: Shower Curtain Blanket

shower curtain blanket
Tiffanie DeVos-Little for LittleThings

If you’ve ever tried to have a picnic when the ground is slightly wet or muddy, you know how miserable it can be.

There’s nothing worse than standing up and realizing that your butt is all wet.

Avoid the awkward wet blanket and wet pants by laying down a shower curtain under your blanket — this will block any water from seeping through the picnic blanket.

Picnic Hack #2: Rubber Band Apple

rubber band apple
Tiffanie Renée DeVos-Little for LittleThings

If you prefer to eat your apples after they’ve been sliced into pieces, you know that you have to eat them right away or else they will turn brown.

Instead of letting your sliced apple turn brown, cut it up, put it back together and hold the slices in place with a rubber band.

Picnic Hack #3: Tic Tac Spices

tic tac spices
Janine Ngai for LittleThings

One complaint a lot of people have about picnic foods is that it’s somewhat bland — so fix that by bringing spices with you!

Empty out some old Tic Tac containers, then fill them with whatever spices you might think you need. Don’t forget to label your tiny boxes!

Picnic Hack #4: Cupcake Wrapper Drinks

cupcake wrapper drink
Tiffanie DeVos-Little for LittleThings

Another huge problem with picnics (and eating outside in general) is that bugs like to climb into your food and drinks.

Instead of just trying to flick them away with your hands, cover your drink with an upside-down cupcake wrapper, then poke your straw through it — this will block the bugs without blocking your drink.

Picnic Hack #5: Chip Bag Bowl

chip bag bowl
Janine Ngai for LittleThings

This hack is helpful whether you’re at a picnic or just sitting on the couch watching a movie.

When you open your chip bag, roll down the bag so that it becomes bowl-like. Now you won’t have to reach your entire arm into the bag to get a chip. This will also save you from getting cheese or barbecue powder all over your hands.

Picnic Hack #6: Plastic Cup Salads

plastic cup salad
Janine Ngai for LittleThings

You know those plastic cups that you use to get your ice coffee every morning? You can also use them as perfect containers for salads!

Just open one of them up, toss in your favorite salad ingredients, and then stick a fork through the straw hole.

Picnic Hack #7: Cupcake Wrapper Popsicle Sticks

popsicle cupcake wrapper
Janine Ngai for LittleThings

Everyone knows that if you try to eat a popsicle in the summer, you’re going to get sticky, syrupy melted juice all over your hands.

If you have kids, you’re even more familiar with this.

Solve the problem by poking the popsicle stick through a cupcake wrapper, then slide it up to the popsicle and enjoy!

Picnic Hack #8: Muffin Tin Cupholder

muffin tin drinks
Janine Ngai for LittleThings

Muffin wrappers aren’t the only baking item that are useful for picnics — muffin tins are also great!

Use muffin tins as cupholders and as snack holders. Most cups will fit perfectly in the muffin tin, so they won’t fall over and spill on your picnic blanket.

Picnic Hack #9: Six-Pack Utensil Holder

6-pack utensil
Tiffanie DeVos-Little for LittleThings

Finally, use a six-pack to carry your utensils and napkins — this will keep your picnic basket organized!

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