14 Summer Hats That Will Look Good With Any Sunny-Day Outfit

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
Ileana is the Senior Editor of Branded Content at Wild Sky Media. She grew up in upstate New York and Oregon and now lives in Queens, NY. Ileana graduated from Skidmore College with a degree in sociology. After graduating, she attended the Columbia Publishing Course in New York City, then worked as in marketing at Oxford University Press. Since transitioning to editorial, she has written for BuzzFeed, HuffPost, and Woman's World. She has also worked for local newspapers and magazines in upstate New York. In her free time, you can find Ileana watching Law & Order: SVU, eating ice cream, and spending time with her dog.

It may still be cold in many parts of the country, but summer is actually just around the corner. We’re officially well into spring, so the weather is finally starting to get warmer.

As the temperature gets hotter, most people start to transition their wardrobes. Once the sun peeks out from behind the clouds, we all know it’s time to pull out the sundresses and put away the winter coats.

If you plan on spending time outside this summer (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?), you need to make sure you have the proper gear to avoid sunburns. This year, keep your skin looking fabulous by stocking up on high-SPF sunscreen and protective clothing.

Of course, protecting your skin doesn’t mean you have to compromise your style. Brighten up your wardrobe and ramp up your summer fashion game with these gorgeous summer hats.

Not only will these summer hats protect your face from the sun, they’ll also look chic with any outfit.

1. Adjustable Safari Hat, $29.58

safari hat

This safari-style hat has a wired brim and a removable leopard-print scarf. The 3½-inch brim is wired so that it won’t move too much in the wind. Because the hat is adjustable, it should fit most people.

Buy it from QVC for $29.58.

2. Seersucker Baseball Cap, $12.99

seersucker cap

This adorable seersucker baseball cap features a comfortable design and a sweet bow at the back. This cap is easy to throw on and goes with any summer outfit. If black-and-white isn’t your cup of tea, there’s also a pink-and-white version.

Buy it from Urban Outfitters for $12.99.

3. Trimmed Boater Hat, $68

boater hat

This straw boater hat is perfect for a day at the beach or a stroll along a promenade. The pale pink hat features a black-and-white ribbon. This beautiful hat also comes in black.

Buy it from Anthropologie for $68.

4. Striped Floppy Hat, $9.95

floppy hat

This Creamsicle-like hat just screams summer. The orange-and-white floppy hat is perfect for a beach vacation (and it’s so inexpensive)!

Buy it from Forever 21 for $9.95.

5. Polka Dot Sun Hat, $14.99

polka dot sun hat

This black-and-white polka dot sun hat is quirky and fun, just like you! Designed by Betsey Johnson, this hat is one of a kind. This hat will add some flare to any outfit.

Buy it from T.J. Maxx for $14.99.

6. Scallop-Trimmed Fedora, $68

6. Scallop-Trimmed Fedora, $68

Although this straw fedora seems pretty simple at first glance, the scalloped edge gives it a unique look. The medium-sized hat is a light tan color, which makes it a perfect summer neutral.

Buy it from Urban Outfitters for $68.

7. Rancher Hat, $48

rancher hat

This taupe rancher hat is both elegant and cute — the tight weave looks expensive and refined, while the white bow adds an element of whimsy. This hat will make any outfit look complete.

Buy it from Anthropologie for $48.

8. Circle Brim Hat With Cutouts, $53.50

cutout hat

This fun hat features some beautiful cutouts around the brim. The hat comes in a variety of colors, including black, coral, magenta, navy, teal, white, and brown.

Buy it from QVC for $53.50.

9. "No Apologies" Cap, $9.90

no apologies hat

Want your hat to tell everyone how you feel about life? This black “No Apologies” cap is perfect for you. It has a comfortable fit and a sliding adjustable back.

Buy it from Forever 21 for $9.90.

10. Open-Weave Panama Hat, $39

open weave hat

This straw panama hat features an open weave, a full brim, and a flat crown. If your head always gets too warm in summer hats, this is the perfect solution — the open weave will allow your head to breathe, and it won’t flatten your hair. Plus, it’s so cute!

Buy it from Urban Outfitters for $39.

11. Frayed Straw Hat, $19.90

frayed hat

This large, frayed-brim straw hat is woven out of a light-colored paper yarn. The natural-looking hat is perfect for any spring or summer day.

Buy it from Forever 21 for $19.90.

12. Seersucker Bucket Hat, $19

bucket hat

This unstructured bucket hat is perfect for a comfy, casual summer day. This ’90s staple is making a comeback, and the seersucker fabric gives it a modern twist.

Buy it from Urban Outfitters for $19.

13. Open-Weave Floppy Hat, $58

floppy hat

This open-weave black motif floppy hat is absolutely beautiful and flattering on anyone. The large hat has great reviews — buyers say it’s perfect for the beach and pool, is really cute, and has great ventilation.

Buy it from Anthropologie for $58.

14. Classic Straw Boater Hat, $39

classic hat

This vintage-inspired boater hat has a structured design. The classic look is complete with a black ribbon. The hat also comes in a fully black version.

Buy it from Urban Outfitters for $39.

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