Stylist Notices Nurse’s Shoes When She Falls Asleep In Salon And Snaps Secret Photo To Thank Her

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

Medical professionals like doctors, nurses, and paramedics devote much of their time and energy to making sure we are safe and healthy.

They don’t get a lot of time to themselves, and many would argue that they don’t get the recognition they deserve.

Ashley Bolling is a stylist and mother of three who is letting it be known that these people, particularly nurses, deserve more than just a thank you. She posted a sweet message for nurses everywhere after one came into her salon, Captivate Salon & Spa, and dozed off in her chair. The woman hadn’t slept all night and was clearly exhausted.

Ashley gently rested her head against her stomach, but it was her shoes that grabbed her attention. They weren’t worn down or dirty — she was simply amazed by how much weight they carried, both literally and figuratively.

You can read Ashley Bolling’s sweet and moving tribute to nurses below.

Ashley Bolling

Ashley Bolling is a stylist and mother of three living in Kentucky.

Ashley Bolling and colleagues

Her shift took an unexpected turn when a nurse walked into the salon and sat in her chair.

Ashley Bolling

The woman looked exhausted, and fell asleep while Ashley was working on her hair.

Ashley Bolling

Then the stylist noticed her shoes and a thought popped into her head.

Ashley Bolling

This woman was so exhausted because she was busy saving lives all day — and that people like her deserve to be thanked for their service.

Ashley Bolling snaps picture of sleeping nurse

Ashley posted on Facebook about the encounter, along with a photo of the nurse’s shoes — which she took in secret.

Ashley Bolling

I had one of those “stop-you-in-your-tracks,” extremely humbling moments, while working quietly on the hair of a very exhausted, sleeping nurse.

Ashley Bolling

 She’d been at work all night and hadn’t been to bed when she landed in my chair, but not before stopping to buy my breakfast on her way.

As she dozed off, I gently rested her head on my stomach and continued to foil her hair…. then I noticed her shoes.

ashley bolling

I wondered how many miles those shoes have walked.

Ashley Bolling

I wondered what they’d walked through. Blood? Tears? In & out of the countless rooms of the patients she’s cared for? 

I wondered how many hours they’ve carried her, and all those like her, while they literally save the lives of those we love and hold the hands of the ones who can no longer fight that fight.

But with those shoes propped up in that chair, phone in her lap, I got the chance to take care of her (even if it was just for a few hours) and I felt extremely honored to take care of such a hard working, inspiring woman I’m so lucky to call my friend.

I’ve always respected and valued these amazing superheroes and am proud to be the sister, daughter, niece, friend and hairstylist of so many. Know you are appreciated, know you are irreplaceable, know you are loved!

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