Teacher Cancels Class And Has Students Make 150 Sandwiches To Serve The Hungry

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The best way to learn something is by just going out there and doing it. Whether it’s taking on a new language or picking up a new sport, “practice makes perfect” can apply to virtually anything we do in life.

Because learning through activity can have such a lasting impact, a group of elementary school teachers decided to leave the classroom behind and teach their students an important lesson about giving back in the real world.

As a simple way to lend a hand, the teachers and their students teamed up with JIF® to prepare hundreds of PB&J sandwiches for the food-insecure members of their community. As they made the sandwiches, the teachers informed their pupils that the food they were making would feed someone that very same day.

“What?!” one student cried out in disbelief.

By spending the day making sandwiches, the students learned how easy it is to do something to help others.

“It actually really wasn’t that hard — anyone can do this,” one student remarked, adding:

“Other kids can do their part to help in their communities. They could volunteer at a soup kitchen. They could do what we did [and] make sandwiches for people that don’t have any. They could do fundraisers. Kindness spreads kindness.”

In just an hour, the elementary school class was able to make over 150 sandwiches. By the end of the hands-on lesson, all of the kids had learned an important lesson about how far a small act of kindness can go.

“If everyone in the world were nice to each other, the world would be really happy,” one boy remarked.

This lesson is part of the JIF® campaign to teach children that kindness and happiness are easy to spread. In one hour spent making sandwiches, these kids learned firsthand that small actions can have a big impact — even if it’s just giving someone a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Check out the kids’ hard work below, and make sure to SHARE this important message about kindness with all of the kids in your life!

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