Teen Tells Mom She Starves In School Because The Cafeteria Doesn’t Make Enough Food For Everyone

by Amy Paige
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Students who attend a high school in Colorado say they haven’t been able to focus on their studies as of late — not because of lack of engagement, but because they’re so hungry.

According to reports, the school offers free breakfast and lunch, yet many students are still having trouble obtaining the food. It seems like there simply isn’t enough being made for all of the students.

“As soon as I get up there I look and they’re like, ‘Oh sorry we don’t have none’ and they close the window and say go to the next line,” freshman Ayianna Mosley told KDVR. “And then I would go to the next line and it would happen, the same thing.”

Ayianna’s mother, Monica, told KDVR that she’s personally complained to the school several times but hasn’t seen a solution.

Making matters worse is the fact the school bans outside food. “If I send her with food just so I can make sure my child eats, it gets thrown away if she gets caught with it,” Monica says.

Students are allowed to purchase snacks from the vending machines if they have the cash — but apparently, the vending machines are often empty!

In the clip below, Monica shares now-viral photos of the barren cafeteria shelves and vending machines.

Footage provided by KDVR Denver

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