19-Year-Old Drops Out Of College To Help His Dying Friend Complete His 127-Point Bucket List

by Emerald Pellot
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Chris Betancourt was diagnosed with a form of cancer called chronic mylogenous leukemia. The 20-year-old from California believes he only has a year left to live.

As a result, Dillon Hill decided to drop out of college to help his best friend fulfill his bucket list.

The two have grown especially close in the face of tragedy. Not only was Dillon there when Chris was first diagnosed, he was dating Chris’ sister before she killed herself, Fox News reports.

Now, the pair is traveling the world to cross off each item on Chris’ 127-point list. Together, they’ve created a video highlighting what they’ve achieved thus far.

“This has been a life-changing experience for both of us on so many levels,” Dillon told Caters News. “We’ve been able to grow an online community of people that are truly inspired by what we are doing. We have documented our story as best friends, and now we are helping other people experience their bucket list.”

The friends kicked off their mission by buying 100 items from a fast-food restaurant and delivering the treats to the homeless.

“This entire project as a whole is just incredible, and no specific thing stands out because it all comes together to form an amazing journey,” Dillon said. “Life has been difficult — making the decision to leave school meant that I would lose my job, and soon I will be living from my car.”

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Photo: Caters News

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