Young Woman Gets The Last Laugh When She Transforms Her Body After Ex-Boyfriend Insults Her Butt

by Caralynn Lippo
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One 20-year-old student took the idea of a “revenge body” to a whole new level.

Midwife-in-training Georgia Twiddy first decided to transform her figure back in 2016.

She tells Caters News that this decision came about after her ex-boyfriend made rude comments about her butt, telling her that her behind “didn’t look like other girls'” and pointing out other women’s butts that he preferred to hers.

While the comments initially upset her (and eventually led to the end of their relationship), Georgia got the last laugh in the end. She used her anger as fuel to make the lifestyle change she’d been looking for.

“My ex kept saying this girl had an amazing bum and I didn’t compare to other women, so I thought, screw you, I’m gonna build a booty,” she explained.

Instead of drinking at college, Georgia put all her time and effort into going to the gym and “was over the moon” when her body began to change. She was so pleased with her results that she started competing professionally.

“I wasn’t originally going to do competitions but I followed people on Instagram, and that inspired me,” she said. “To win at my second competition was amazing. I was completed honored and honestly shocked to win.”

Georgia has since found a new boyfriend who is “amazing” and “so supportive” of her bodybuilding.

Check out the video below to see what Georgia looks like today, competing as a professional bikini model!

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