Teen Posts Photo In Off-The-Shoulder Top That High School Deemed ‘Inappropriate’

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

With the school year upon us, children are still getting used to being back in class. Now, there are so many rules to follow: no cell phones out in the hallways, no running inside, and no breaking the dress code.

The dress code, however, is always something that’s debated between students, parents, and administrators each year. It can be subjective and up to interpretation. But most importantly, many young women feel targeted by regulations that label their bodies as ‘distracting.’

Emily Engelman is one of those young ladies. She recently wore a shirt that exposed her shoulders.

School regulations state that clothes exposing certain parts of the body cannot be worn on premises, but they also promote body positivity for a good learning environment.

The principal of the school says that students should feel comfortable in their skin.

However, Emily was asked to take it off — and she refused. She sought help on social media, not knowing how to respond in this situation. She found that many people were on her side. She defended herself by stating that she dresses to feel good about herself and that if this shirt can help with that, she’s going to wear it.

The principal now says that the dress code can be changed to reflect students’ opinions on the matter.

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Footage provided by WHO Des Moines

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