Drunk Woman Goes To The Grocery Store, Then She Gets Stuck In A Freezer

by Emerald Pellot
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Chloe Teakle and a few of her friends went grocery shopping at store called Co-Op. The 23-year-old may have had one too many alcoholic beverages.

Teakle seemingly gets stuck in a food refrigerator. Her friends immediately begins to giggle. In fact, one even pretends to help her out, but pushes her back in and has another laugh.

“I’m going to die in this freezer,” Teakle says in a panic.

Her friends filmed the video and placed it on Snapchat where it quickly went viral. Fortunately, Teakle had the same sense of humor about the situation as they did.

“I was with all my friends and we got very drunk.

We went to the shop to get more drink and I sat on the edge of the freezer and fell in,” Teakle told Dailymail. “I nearly got back out but my friend Charlotte pushed me back in and I was actually wedged in there for around ten minutes. It felt like forever. I tried so many times to get out but I couldn’t.”

Teakle did have some bruises the next morning, but she says she doesn’t regret a thing because it was so funny.

“I got my friend to look and it was bruised on both backs of my legs. The bruising was so bad and didn’t go down for weeks,” she said. “I didn’t regret it as I didn’t even remember it until my friend showed me in the morning. Everyone I speak to says how funny it was.”

We just hope she didn’t do too much damage to those groceries!

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