4-Year-Old Desperate To Get A Minion Toy Winds Up Trapped In Claw Machine

by Emerald Pellot
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Poor little Henry! The 4-year-old asked his mother, Emma, for money to play the arcade claw machine near his local swimming pool.

Henry wanted a Minion toy, being a fan of the Despicable Me franchise. He managed to get the claw to pick up the stuffed toy but fell just short of the delivery chute. Determined now more than ever, Henry put his head inside the small hatch.

The little one climbed up and tried to feel for a Minion, but when he finally grabbed hold — it was too late. He’d slipped into the trap door on the front of the machine, stuck inside as his older brother watched. Naturally, Emma was both concerned and tickled by her son’s debacle. She, of course, snapped a photo — who could resist? — of Henry stuck in the claw machine.

She called the staff, who kindly spent an hour searching for the keys to free Henry.

One thing is for sure, she knows her son has persistence and determination.

“He was completely inside the teddy machine,” Emma recalled with a chuckle to SWNS in 2015. “We had to tell the reception that my child was stuck in the teddy machine.”

Fortunately, the kind staff let Henry keep the toy. Not too bad for his troubles.

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