Struggling Mom Plans To Cancel Layaway Items At Walmart, Then Learns Stranger Changed Her Bill

by Amy Paige
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It’s been a tough year for Lisa McMillan, a single mom of five from Longmont, Colorado. The holiday season is a particularly difficult time of the year.

Lisa had placed a bunch of holiday gifts on layaway at Walmart but was reluctant to actually spend the money. Her finances grew so tight that she planned to cancel the items altogether — and was crushed to think her kids would go without presents this year.

But before she had a chance to officially cancel her order, something very unexpected happened — something she now calls a blessing and a miracle.

One day, while Lisa was at work, she received an email from the staff at Walmart about her pending layaway bill.

“I just froze and was like oh my God, oh my God, this is not happening,” she told Fox 31. “I was in shock.”

As it turned out, a mysterious stranger had paid off every single one of Lisa’s items, completely eliminating her bill.

But Lisa wasn’t the only recipient of this selfless gesture… not by a long shot.

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