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Rescuer Finds Stray Dog Alive In Snowstorm, Then Looks Under Her Belly And Discovers 4 Newborns

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

It’s an unfortunate reality that many people find it acceptable to simply abandon their pets when they can’t care for them anymore. As a result, many dogs and cats wander the streets in extreme heat and cold, hungry and thirsty.

Rescuers at Michigan rescue group Pound Buddies received an emergency call about a pregnant dog wandering around in the streets who was possibly injured.

One rescuer headed out into the dipping temperatures and accumulating snow to search for her. He found her lying down and covered in snow. When he approached her, she didn’t move. Carefully, he slipped a collar over her head, and she rose to follow him. But what he found under her belly proved that he had arrived in the nick of time.

There were four newborn puppies under her, trying to stay warm. The rescuer and an accompanying officer scooped up the pups to get them to a safe and warm location.

Rescuers from Pound Buddies received a concerning phone call about a pregnant dog wandering the streets in the bitter cold.

By the time one of the rescuers and an officer found the dog covered in snow, she had already given birth.

There were four puppies, thankfully all alive, trying to stay warm under their mother.

All five animals were taken away to warmth and safety, and were given food and shelter.

The entire time, the mother pup seemed to know that she and her newborns were in good hands!

Now, as the little ones continue to grow, the whole family seems to be healing and doing well!

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