Mom Notices Clump Of Hair Pinned To Her Seat After Gunman Shatters Windshield: ‘God Saved Me’

by Amy Paige
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Sam Avila was driving by the Sunrise Mall in Sacramento, California, with her 3-year-old son, Logan, in the backseat.

Out of nowhere Sam heard a series of loud popping sounds. Before she knew it, her windshield suddenly exploded, and shards of glass flew in every which direction.

A gunman was firing his weapon in the mall parking lot. One bullet shot through the Macy’s department store window, but fortunately no one was injured. Another bullet went right through Sam’s windshield.

Sam stopped her car and, in a panic, checked her body to make sure she wasn’t hit. Then she turned around to check on Logan, unsure of the possible horror she might find in the backseat.

All she could do was pray he wasn’t injured. Thank goodness both Sam and Logan were OK.

When Sam looked behind her to see if Logan was OK, she noticed a clump of hair sticking straight out of the driver’s seat headrest … and then she saw the bullet hole.

The staggering reality of what had just occurred is now being shared in an alarming and surreal photo.

In the end, just half an inch made the difference between life and death for her and her toddler.

“I feel like God is what saved me,” Sam told KTXL. “I don’t know how it missed [my son], but thank God it did.”

Footage provided by KTXL Sacramento

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