Man In Wheelchair Falls Onto Tracks. Watch The Guy In The Black Shirt…

by Amber James
Amber is the Branded Content Editor at LittleThings. She currently resides in Manhattan.

Shocking surveillance camera footage captured the terrifying moment when a man in a wheelchair rolled off a subway platform and fell onto the tracks at a Washington, D.C. Metro stop on April 21.

The nearest train was three stops away when two brave bystanders jumped down to try and rescue the man. Surveillance footage shows the two heroes working together to save him. They have a little struggle, trying to lift the man and his wheelchair back onto the platform, but other people on the platform rushed to their aid.

There were no trains in the immediate area, according to officials, but the three men were dangerously close — just two feet away — to the electrified third rail that provides power for the trains.

Finally, after several minutes, they are able to get the man, and themselves, safely back on the platform.

In a statement, Metro spokesman Mike Tolbert said that the 54-year-old man who fell onto the tracks was taken to the hospital and had a bloody mouth, but no other visible injuries.

Tolbert did not know why the man’s wheelchair had rolled off the platform. None of the individuals involved have been identified.

Thank goodness for these amazing heroes. I wish there were even more people like this in the world, but it feels good to know they do exist.

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