Pregnant Lady Sobs On Hidden Camera, But Strangers Have No Clue Ellen Is Watching Like A Hawk

by June Rivers
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You never know who may be watching you…

Ellen is known as a kind and compassionate person, and she’s also known to pull a good prank every now and then. In 2013, she came up with a creative way to put the kindness of strangers to the test.

Ellen sent her staff writer, Amy, onto the street with a giant — fake —pregnancy belly. She wanted to see if any bystanders would come to her aid when her moving boxes fell apart.

The results were caught on hidden camera while Ellen and the studio audience carefully watched the footage in real-time.

There were many people who saw Amy struggling with her belongings yet completely ignored her. Cars whizzed by her as she pretended to sob on the concrete, looking desperate and helpless. Some cars even swerved out of the way to get around her completely!

But along came three complete strangers who were about to restore Ellen’s faith in humanity — and she rewarded their efforts in a way they never saw coming.

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