Stranger Locks Eyes With Woman Being Followed In Target, Sees Her Mouth ‘Help’ And Calls 911

by Amy P
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In April 2019, a woman was about to walk into a Target store in Milwaukee. Before she passed the front door, she made eye contact with another woman.

This other woman had a confused expression on her face, and when the pair locked eyes she mouthed one eerie word to her: “Help.”

It appeared as though the other woman was being followed by a man she didn’t know. He kept commenting on her appearance, and she just couldn’t get away from him.

Instead of turning a blind eye and walking away, the woman decided she was now involved. She knew she needed to make sure her fellow female was OK.

The two ladies came up with a plan without even saying a word.

Acting on instinct, they pretended to know one another and kept a casual conversation going outside in the parking lot.

The Good Samaritan also called 911 to report the incident; you can hear the call in the video. If it wasn’t for her, this could have been a much scarier situation.

Footage provided by WITI Milwaukee

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