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Starving, Blind Dog Is Left To Die On The Street After Years Of Abuse, But Savior Rescues Him

by Caralynn Lippo
Caralynn is a writer, native New Yorker, TV enthusiast, and dog mom to Hobbes.

The abuse of poor, defenseless animals is one of the most horrific things imaginable. I can’t fathom being the type of person who would willingly harm any creature for fun, let alone a domesticated animal that you’ve adopted and brought home to join your family.

For those of us who consider pets to be like our children, these actions are beyond comprehension.

Palmier, an approximately 4-year-old poodle, was subjected to one of the worst cases of abuse I’ve ever seen. The poor pup was found on the streets of Baltimore, Maryland, abandoned there and left to die, presumably by the owner who had mistreated him for so long.

Thankfully, Palmier’s story doesn’t end there.

A Good Samaritan saw the blind, starving dog mangled and alone on the street.

She picked him up, and Homeward Trails Animal Rescue of Virginia stepped in to take over his care.

The tiny dog is just seven and a half pounds. He was badly injured from his years of neglect. But both the rescue group and Palmier’s loving foster mom, Shelly DeSouza, are hopeful that Palmier will make a recovery. In fact, he’s already on the mend and eating food despite his pain.

Homeward Trails has set up a fundraiser for Palmier’s extensive medical costs on his road to recovery.

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WARNING: Some readers may find the following content upsetting. If you do not wish to see evidence of Palmier’s severe condition, please click back to the LittleThings homepage.

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