Mom Stops Doorbell Cam Footage When She Sees Stranger Offering Her 7-Year-Old Daughter A Bike

by Amy Paige
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Michelle McCardell instantly knew something was wrong when her 7-year-old daughter bolted through the front door.

Emmy had been lying in the sun on the front lawn, enjoying a sunny day in Salt Lake City, while Michelle was inside their home.

But when Emmy ran back inside, she told Michelle about a strange man who pulled up out front and tried talking to her. She described him as “dirty and tricky.”

The concerned mother turned to her doorbell camera, which is set to record activity that takes place in front of her home and on her doorstep. While scrolling through the footage, she found a visual of what Emmy had been talking about.

Her little girl was outside when a car slowly pulled up. The driver noticed her, called out to her in an effort to grab her attention, and then asked one simple question that would potentially excite her: “Do you want a bicycle?”

But as you’ll see in the video below, Michelle was so grateful that day that she’d already taught her children all about “stranger danger.”

According to Inside Edition, “Salt Lake City Police are asking for the public’s help in tracking down the driver of the late-model green Ford Taurus. Cops told Inside Edition the situation was indeed ‘suspicious’ adding that since the man stopped in front of the girl’s home and spoke to Emmy is ‘not typical that an adult would converse with a young child like that.'”

Emmy knew exactly how to handle the potentially life-changing situation. Now, Michelle is sharing the doorbell cam footage as a warning to parents everywhere.

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