School Allows Total Stranger To Pick Daughter Up, And This Horrified Mom Wants Answers

by Emerald Pellot
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Carver Academy in San Antonio, TX, has a protocol to prevent things like this from happening. They use a number verification system to prevent children from being kidnapped.

Norma Garcia, a frightened mother wants to know why this system wasn’t in place when her daughter was spotted being walked off campus by a stranger.

“When I talk about it,” said Garcia, crying, “It’s like I imagine life without my daughter. The idea of losing her forever.”

The mother sent a babysitter to pick up her daughter Gisella while she worked. When she called the school, they told her that Gisella had already been picked up by a woman.

Luckily, the babysitter saw the woman taking Gisella off of the school’s campus. The sitter shouted her name, and the woman ran away. The school swears the woman was a staff member, but it doesn’t add up.

“If she is a member of the school staff, why is she running away with Gisella?” asked Garcia. “Why is she not stopping, or turning her head?”

Garcia filed a police report because she doesn’t want this to happen to Gisella or anyone else’s child. The school is now investigating the situation.

“Not to hurt anyone, but to protect, to protect the children,” she said.

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