Stranger Compliments Baby At Target But Mom Senses Red Flag When She Mentions Her ‘Godmother’

by Amy Paige
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Rachel Youngs took her 9-week-old daughter to Target on a Friday morning. While browsing the baby section, she was approached by a woman with a dog.

Rachel told the woman her dog was cute, and the woman told Rachel the same about her baby girl. When the woman remarked, “I’ll trade you my dog for your baby,” Rachel just assumed it was a harmless joke.

The woman proceeded to explain that she was an experienced babysitter and owned a dog-grooming business. She was seemingly warm and friendly, so when she asked Rachel if she could hold her baby, Rachel obliged.

Within seconds, however, Rachel regretted that decision.

While the woman held her daughter, she started making some very bizarre comments: “Do you have a godmother? I’d love to be her godmother; I’ll split everything 50/50.”

Then the conversation took a frightening turn. “Just so you know, I was arrested for attempted kidnapping,” the woman said.

Suddenly, the comments stopped… and the woman started to take an action that left Rachel in a complete state of fear and panic.

Now she’s sharing her story publicly, warning others to think twice the next time a “friendly” stranger comes your way.

Footage provided by WDAF Kansas City

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